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  1. Finally rid of those factory headlights... CCFL's on deck

    Exterior Styling
    Just went through with an install of my headlights, swapped out the factory joints. It wasn't hard or bad at all... I should have been done this. Gotta get some fog lights now... :cool30: Link to pics: Link to Pictures on Facebook
  2. DIY Intake tubing

    Performance Talk
    After recently getting a CAI, I found this site. This may be helpful to others, too. Has everything from the bends, to the metal straights, to the filters. Looks aheluva lot like the one I bought used these components. Any other recommendations for similar vendors??? Intercooler Pipe...
  3. My DIY Navigation Bezel

    Audio & Video
    This is from my site at Sorry for the large photos- they are all from my site. In December 2009 we bought a Pyle PLDN70U 7-Inch Double-DIN Motorized TFT Touchscreen Receiver with DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MP4/CD-R/USB/SD-MMC Card Slot/AM/FM unit from We also had to get a...