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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone! I’m a new Magnum SRT-8 owner in SoCal. Found this forum via Google and looking forward to learning how to have a great experience with my new whip from everyone here. Thanks in advance and I’ll see you guys around!
  2. Introduce Yourself
    I would like to introduce myself , I'm Big Buddah 60 (that's my handle) anyway. I joined this forum to ask questions and get the answer's from some folks that have experienced some or all of the issues that I am troubled by now . I love my Magnum it's older (05) but i intend to customize and...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    I am hoping someone has run across this before. Yesterday my wife was driving the magnum and said that she shifted into reverse but the car was acting like it is in neutral. she said that the dash showed that she was in reverse. she shifted back into park and then back into reverse and it...
  4. Want to buy
    I know that a lot of people have been upgrading to either tablets or mygig radio's. Anyone have a rec lockpick that they are interested in selling let me know. Text me @ 609-349-3913. Thanks.
  5. Introduce Yourself
    I own a 2006 Dodge Magnum. I was never really into American cars until I went to a Philadelphia Auto show and was introduced to the one and only,"MONSTER MAGNUM". It was a thing of beauty and no matter what I had heard about dodges and their lack of durability and reliability, I just had to own...
  6. Suspension Forum
    I'm looking for 10mm rear spacers, and 5mm front spacers. I can only find 15mm and 25mm. I was hoping someone could help me find some 10mm 5mm. Any help is appreciated! Oh and incase it's a concern for anyone, I'm running 22x9 Viper Replicas upfront and 22x10 out back. 275 fronts and 295...
  7. Exterior Styling
    I want to paint my car the same color does anybody know what color this is
  8. V6's
    I'm curios to know. If so, what do you have and how much (estimated) did it cost you? I currently have a 2007 SXT 3.5L RWD. I would like to mod it around the 350 hp range. If your out there I'd like to hear fromya! :fingersx:
  9. Introduce Yourself
    I have had 2 magnums so far. First one was an 06 SE 2.7 Magnum in which i had for a year. All i did to it was a sound system. I later traded that 06 for an 05 R/T which i am much happier with, i plan to do some work, and thought i would observe everyone elses work to get some ideas. I'm thinking...
  10. Exterior Styling
    Hey guys! I am about to get my dodge painted and I want the colors to match the ones in this picture. Only problem is that I'm not sure what color of red is this. Someone told me it looks like a cherry but I'm not sure if I'm convinced. What do you think? Dodge Magnum Accessories & Parts...
  11. 300 DODGE MAGNUM

  12. 300 DODGE MAGNUM

  13. 300 DODGE MAGNUM

  14. 300 DODGE MAGNUM

  15. 300 DODGE MAGNUM

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1-20 of 43 Results