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    This is a mint condition pioneer avid n3 flip out touch screen head unit. I would like 300 plus shipping..I have pics just can't post them on here. I will email them to you. Hit me up.
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    I have two grey leather 8.8" touch screen headrests with DVD players built in. Both headrests are in perfect condition. The only reason I'm selling them is that I bought Chrysler srt seats and don't want to ruin the look of putting them in. They are power acoustic. Paid 900. Looking for 400...
  3. Audio & Video
    First of all, let me start by saying that I'm not a "stereo" guy. I was actually completely happy with my factory OEM 6-disc CD stereo. But, on a whim somebody talked me into getting something new so I purchased this: Buy Dodge Magnum DVD/GPS Navigation [W2508C] Here's my problem. The...
  4. Audio & Video
    I bought a REQ + RSC unit (part no. 05064920AG in Canada anyways - non-nav) and was wondering if anyone knew what each of the pins on the back were for? The right side is marked "A", is grey, and has 22 pins (12 lower 10 upper). The left side is marked "B, is white, and also has 22 pins (12...
  5. Audio & Video
    Just installed this unit in my 08 Mag today. The controls are awesome especially for controlling an iPod. It's a perfect middle of the road head unit if you're looking for a dvd in dash at an affordable price. According to my audio guy you can even add navigation at a later time. It was $420...
  6. Member Classifieds
    SOLD: 05-07 VES brand new, modified for Video out. It fits 2005-2007 LX cars. Part #82209382AC, Medium Slate Gray color. I bought this brand new, still have the receipt so you can get the 12 month warranty on it (11 months left). I will post pics later today or tomorrow, but the unit is...
  7. Audio & Video
    Does anyone know what the latest one is? is it the same disk for RER? P.S. I have a 10/22/08 hacked DVD that i used on my 06 REC radio, PM me for details if you need one
  8. Member Classifieds
    FS: REC nav unit with bezel and user manual - SOLD Original unit off the 06 Magnum SRT8. SOLD
  9. Member Classifieds
    "NEW!!" Back Seat DVD "VES" for sale I have a BRAND NEW back seat dvd VES "Vehicle Entertainment System" I purchased this from Southeast Dodge in Nashville TN. and it comes with a 1 year replacement warranty from dodge. I purchased this last week and was laid off work yesterday. Now I...
  10. Audio & Video
    Mopar OEM Rear Seat DVD Player 05-07 Part#82209382 What would make the Monitor flash on (4 seconds) and off (4 seconds) it wont stop flashing so i have disconnected it. Does anyone have any ideas.
  11. Audio & Video
    I installed the ves in my 2007 sxt i used the harness that came with it and i get buzzing interferanc. I only hear it when the dvd is being played. Nav, radio, cd is clear. Harness connects behind the head unit. Help
  12. Minor Changes

    Eclipse AVN-6620 DVD/Nav Unit
  13. Minor Changes

    Eclipse AVN-6620 DVD/Nav Unit
  14. Minor Changes

    Eclipse AVN-6620 DVD/Nav Unit
  15. Minor Changes

    Painted the engine cover myself.
1-15 of 16 Results