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  1. PCM trouble, even the dealer is confused

    Ok, I switched spark plugs on my 2005 AWD magnum one day and since then the check engine turned on. I used the same Bosh spark plugs that the previous owner was using. I also changed the rubber/seal that holds the vacuum pipe in the manifold because the old one dried out. When I first test...
  2. switched the battery terminals and busted fuses :/

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    I wanted to replace my battery so I bought a optima red top. Sold the old battery and had to switch them out in the in the parking lot. Was in a bit of a rush so I figured I put the positive in the right place but I was wrong. Lol its a damn red top so the negative and positive were labeled...
  3. surging problems on an 5.7 modle

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    :comp26: Since ive bought this car, it has always had this weird pulsation surge felling since 27k miles..had it for two years now, has 65k on it now.. no better or worse.. No one has been ever to tell me whats going on with it.. alt. batt. and starter test fine.. I know its something stupid on...
  4. Etc light: throttle body problems???

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    What's up guys, I have a 2.7 06 magnum and I put the intake,computer chip,And ported throttle body, last year in december, and only the engine light was comming on and if but not all the time, last night I was going he and the (etc light) came on! So I stop the car turn it off for 3 minute the...