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  1. Fiberglass Sub Enclosures - SET of 2!!

    Sell your stuff
    Here is my pair of sub enclosures! They are flat black, and could use some touch up on the driver side where white has shown through. I'm not the original owner so idk what brand they may be/if they're hand made. Absolutely NO cracks whatsoever, and they're quite solid, and heavy. $500obo for...
  2. Two Fiberglass Pocket Sub Enclosures for 20" OEM Rims

    Want to Trade
    I have two fiberglass rear pocket sub enclosures... Wanting to see if anyone has a set of these rims they'd be willing to trade The enclosures go for about $200/ea, so it'd be similar to selling each rim @ $100 ea. Not to mention, it's almost impossible to find both driver and...
  3. New Sub Box: Need some help.

    Audio & Video
    Today my friend gave me his old sub and box. I have a couple of questions and decisions to make and I need your input. 1. This sub is a 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch HE. Stamped on the frame is 400 watts, 4 Ohm and Dual voice, but there is only one set of terminals... SO does this sub have 4...
  4. Want new hatch floor...and subwoofer enclosure to match

    Interior Styling
    Hello all, I have a 2005 2.7. My rear floor has lost its stiffness so I'm looking to replace it. I came across a thread on a another forum... and it gave a great write up. I'm not going to stain mine that color or anything, but its the same concept. Now here's where i need help. I have a...
  5. Is a downgraded - upgrade possible?? YES!

    Audio & Video
    I wasn't too happy with my first set up (first pic) I messed up on the boxes, didn't know how to cover the set up so I could throw things in the trunk etc. So I decided to upgrade!! and in the process I downgraded from 2-12's and 2-amps to one of ea. (I have another vehicle in which they will be...
  6. Finally posting the interior mods!

    Interior Styling
    Welp - I've shown all my exterior mods, so now it's time to move on to the interior. When I made the sub box I forgot to split the two so had to cut it in half and fiber glassed the holes, it didn't fit in as good and didn't sound as good either but I've lived with it. I need to redo this or...