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  1. P0171 Check Engine light on "HELP"

    The Q&A Forum
    I'm trying to search for threads about this w/o any solid answers. Recently I've been getting the P0171 System too lean (Bank 1)code on my 08' 5.7L. It just came on again as I was trying to drive the car onto ramps today in the garage. Before the light came on, the throttle would cut out just as...
  2. Possible Engine Problem?

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hello CM! I am unsure of what is happening to my Magnum and was hoping for some help. My engine sputters upon light acceleration. No idling sputtering or normal acceleration, but when i lightly push the accelerator the engine feels like it is being choked (per say). Any and all ideas would be...
  3. Help Magnum Noise

    General Magnum Discussion
    My magnum has been making this weird small compressor motor type noise only when im driving. It doesnt do it during idle or anything else. It also makes a gurgling humming type noise when i step on the gas hard. Theres also times it wont accelerate when i step on it, like a mini delay. Anyone...
  4. ecu flashing

    Introduce Yourself
    i was wondering if anyone has ever had there ecu flashed and if so what else is needed such as bigger fuel injectors etc???
  5. Problems with my engine! Help!

    General Magnum Discussion
    I need help with my first and new project on my Dodge Magnum My friend who I've known for 10 years just have me his 2006 Dodge Magnum, I'm thankful that he's had me in mind to even give me this car with days getting darker and people doing others wrong, he's had this car from 06 but after 66,000...
  6. Any value running without the engine cover on the 5.7's

    Performance Talk
    I've noticed that the foam on th eunderside of the engine cover has been coming off and sitting in the valley's of the block. Any harm in running without the cover (apart from engine noise inside the cabin).
  7. Im looking to learn how to make My magnum custom

    Introduce Yourself
    whats going on people? I am here to learn how to modify my magnum. I am mainly looking for exterior and engine ideas. But please all ideas are welcome. So many of you have such amazing cars I cant wait to learn from your experiences!
  8. My 2.7L

    Performance Talk
    I currently have a stck SE with a 2.7L engine. When i return from my deployment i plan on doing an engine swap to a 3.5L to allow me more options with gaining more power. Does anyone know if this is even possible and if so what are the necessary changes that need to be made to put that engine...
  9. I can Breathe easy thanks to Weezy!!!

    Performance Talk
    I just wanted to share a little Mod I got for a sweet price thanks to Member Weezy!! I was sooooo excited to install it I did it in the dark!!! I can't wait to add a Predator and some Duals-
  10. My car just turned off and i need help!!!

    Introduce Yourself
    I dotn know much about one day my car started making a claking noise..i was told that i might need a oil i was riding around back and forth to the oil place..while i was on the road my engine made a ugly noise and turned off, and has not been back on since..i am told that it...
  11. This looks like an awesome group!

    I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum SE with the 2.7 liter V6 and the oil light is comming on and there is a small knock in the engine. The oil has been changed every 3000 miles religously! Is this a sign from the knocking and the oil light that my engine is shot?
  12. My First Post: 2 Part Question a/c and engine

    Performance Talk
    I have a 08 Magnum with 30k miles. I just bought the car and I have noticed that when I have the A/C on and the car is idle, like at a stop light, the engine will kick a little bit. Is that normal? Its isn't anything major just a slight nudge when its idle. Part two, I have an SE and I was...
  13. I'm Looking For A NOS Kit

    Performance Talk
    Whats the major difference between DRY and WET? Advantages and disadvantages? Help!
  14. Engine Ticking Problem

    Performance Talk
    My names Josh, i'm new to the forum. I bought my 06 Magnum SE in Sept of 08 from a used dealer in GA. Everything has been going fine until last night. I had the cruise set at 70 and reached a slight incline that i'd driven plenty of times before. I was a t around 6000RPM and getting close to...