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  1. 2006 RT upgrades...Where to start?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello. This is my first post. I have a 2006 RT and I want to start upgrading her. "On the Menu" is Suspension (Lowering Spring and/or KIT), Exhaust (High CATs), Wheels and Tires (20x10's if they fit), and, of course, RWHP (in the form of a Tuner and SuperCharger). My auto mechanical experience...
  2. Diablo Intune is it really worth it on a 3.5? Also Exhaust Upgrade?

    Like the title says, is the Diablo Intune really worth the price to use it on a 3.5 V6? I'll have extra funds soon and was really wanting to close the gap between the tires and fenders but unfortunately it seems I would have to buy BOTH the Eibach springs and 20" rims and tires, so for now I'll...
  3. Need some insight!

    Ok, so I've had my r/t now for about 2.5 yrs. when I bought the car, it already had a short ram k&n intake and flowmasters exhaust. I'm finally at a point now where I can spend a little cash to boost performance. so I have a few questions if anybody here wld be able to answer for me. one of...
  4. 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT parts (fit 2005-2007)

    General Magnum Discussion
    1 got factory exhaust Location: garden grove california 100$ (not included when sold magnum) 2 replacement led headlights anzo never installed still in amazon box...I paid 240/170, they are mint. take around half that front...
  5. New exhaust, and it only took a "little" bit of thinking...

    Hey Guys! So after a year of driving my mag with a bone stock exhaust i was really tired of it, not so much the fact it was droning on me, more the fact you couldn't even hear anything! But not any longer! So for the past 2 weeks I've been waiting for all the pieces I've needed to come in, my...
  6. aftermarket exhaust question

    Performance Talk
    we bought my Magnum about 2 years ago from Carmax - from what I hear they generally strip it to stock - but apparantly they thought my exhausts were standard and left them. is there an easy way to tell if its just the tips or whether or not the entire exhaust ? these are my two options ( I...
  7. Buzz/Rattle due to Aftermarket Exhaust

    The Q&A Forum
    My SRT8 has the Flowmaster exhaust system on it. A quick glance on the Flowmaster website indicates that there most likely is only one exhaust system available for the SRT8. I purchased it this way. By the sound of it, it has a pretty aggressive tone which is pretty cool. However, at certain...
  8. 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T- Excellent Condition

    Sell your stuff
    One day left on my Dodge Magnum for sale on Ebay, right now it has one bid from local dealer for $8,500 with No Reserve. They are bidding on it sight unseen so you know they are looking to make a pretty good profit. This is currently $5,500 below Kelly Blue Book. It's in excellent...
  9. Looking for some things for my 05

    Want to buy
    Currently looking for a CAI, exhaust system, and a set of SRT-10 22 inch Viper replica wheels to fit my 05 magnum. Any help would be appreciated. I am in the Las Vegas area.
  10. Exhaust Help!!??

    Exterior Styling
    I need a catback set up for my SXT. If somebody can show me where to order it from that would be great. Im thinking either flowmaster or magnaflow. I want deep and loud. I want people to think i have a small V8. Im not worried about drone, so ill probably not get a new res. I just want to...
  11. Exhaust from a HEMI....need help

    Performance Talk
    Ok, so all these dual exhaust threads have inspired me to put some duals on my 2.7 v6. When I left the house, I was stuck on buying a flowmaster 40 from advancedauto for around $53...then having a shot install it and run new pipes (single in, dual out). Most shops said around $250. Then I get to...
  12. Full Length Headers

    Hey guys and gals, has anybody done an exhaust upgrade that included full length headers or any sort of upgrade with larger headers? What is your take on this? Thanks.
  13. 2005 SXT I need some help

    Introduce Yourself
    So I bought my first car a few months ago. Of course I went and bought my favorite a Dodge Magnum i need some help though on getting it into shape. It has an air raid filter but i feel no increase or pep when i accelerate. So i feel like the best way to go is the K&N Filtercharger Injection...
  14. 3.5 electric cutouts!!!!!!!!!??????

    General Magnum Discussion
    Does anybody out there have electric cutouts on their SXT???????? A video would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Finally got my magnum! It's awesome

    Introduce Yourself
    Ok well this is my first magnum and this is my first post on a forum ever. I joined cas I was looking for some knowledge on my new magnum. Specifically I wanted to inquire about exhausts and air intakes cas it seems like those are two performance mods I can make without breaking the bank and...
  16. New to me 2005 SXT help me make this LOUD!! :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys...ya im a newbie to the forum, but i am glad its out there. Just bought a 2005 SXT with 100k. I Need to know what i need to make this baby loud!!! I want the most solid muscle sound i can get out of her. Let me know what you think for exhaust,header,intake, etc. Also im looking for some...
  17. Finally got my exhaust done. Flowmaster 44 series sounding Beastly ;-)

    Today i had my stock muffler replaced with Flowmaster Super 44 series, supposedly the most agressive sounding. My exhaust was already modified b4 from when i had the exhaust resonator removed. I have the 3.5l 08 SXT. MAN, i love how she sounding now. She sounding better thn a lot of hemi...
  18. R/T exhaust/ rear bumper/tail lights/front bumper

    Want to buy
    Looking for the R/T exhaust and rear bumper. the bumper can either be dark blue (from the 2005 SXT) or black. Same with the front bumper (SXT or R/T) Tail lights, stock for dirt cheap or aftermarket Front cowl for 2005 magnum sxt Thank you for any help!!!
  19. R/T Exhaust

    Want to buy
    Hey Everyone!! - I have an 05 SXT (3.5L) and I am looking for a stock exhaust from a R/T, I am looking to do a upgrade and would like to try this route first. So if you have this big hunk of metal in your garage and don't know what to do with it, Help a fella out!!! Thanks-
  20. Newby

    Introduce Yourself
    Whats up fellow Magnums! I'm new to the crew and so I'm just reachin out to say hey. I currently own a 2005 Magnum SXT on 20's, custom head lights, performance chip, Airraid air box with Spectrum intake, and carbon fiber inlay on the dash. Pics will be posted soon enough. Currently my ride...