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  1. Sell your stuff
    Here is my pair of sub enclosures! They are flat black, and could use some touch up on the driver side where white has shown through. I'm not the original owner so idk what brand they may be/if they're hand made. Absolutely NO cracks whatsoever, and they're quite solid, and heavy. $500obo for...
  2. Want to Trade
    I have two fiberglass rear pocket sub enclosures... Wanting to see if anyone has a set of these rims they'd be willing to trade The enclosures go for about $200/ea, so it'd be similar to selling each rim @ $100 ea. Not to mention, it's almost impossible to find both driver and...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    Man why does it feel we are always left out!! I order a hood on ebay that said 08, Dont these MF now its not the same as a 05-07 WTF...SO if you have a 08 hood aftermarket show it please and where you got it. i will settle for a oem 08 srt hood as well.
  4. Sell your stuff
    I have a pair of XtremeEyelids for sale. Brand new in box and ready for paint. Fits 05 06 07 Dodge Magnum Headlights These are hand laid fibre glass custom fit not flat pieces of polyurethane or plastic vinyl sticker. These are molded with a curvatures of the headlight lenses so they fit...
  5. Vendor Deals
    Here are some long awaiting photos of some custom airbrushed switch panels by Karl's Kreations painted by Damian d'Andre.
1-5 of 6 Results