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  1. Diablo Intune is it really worth it on a 3.5? Also Exhaust Upgrade?

    Like the title says, is the Diablo Intune really worth the price to use it on a 3.5 V6? I'll have extra funds soon and was really wanting to close the gap between the tires and fenders but unfortunately it seems I would have to buy BOTH the Eibach springs and 20" rims and tires, so for now I'll...
  2. Cherry Bomb or Flowmaster?

    Exterior Styling
    HI im new here and i am looking to make my magnum sound better. As of right now i only have a 3.5L V6 (sad i know. I was wondering what would sound better a cherry bomb or flowmaster? Also should i go with a glasspack or a muffler and what is the difference?
  3. finally made a sound clip of my Flowmaster Super 44 series setup

    General Magnum Discussion
    It was a spur of the moment thing. Its a short sound clip I did while at work. There was some background noise from passing cars but you can still hear it well. Sounds alot louder and deeper in person. Will make another one soon that lets you hear more of idle sound. I suggest listening to it...
  4. Buzz/Rattle due to Aftermarket Exhaust

    The Q&A Forum
    My SRT8 has the Flowmaster exhaust system on it. A quick glance on the Flowmaster website indicates that there most likely is only one exhaust system available for the SRT8. I purchased it this way. By the sound of it, it has a pretty aggressive tone which is pretty cool. However, at certain...
  5. Exhaust Help!!??

    Exterior Styling
    I need a catback set up for my SXT. If somebody can show me where to order it from that would be great. Im thinking either flowmaster or magnaflow. I want deep and loud. I want people to think i have a small V8. Im not worried about drone, so ill probably not get a new res. I just want to...
  6. Exhaust from a HEMI....need help

    Performance Talk
    Ok, so all these dual exhaust threads have inspired me to put some duals on my 2.7 v6. When I left the house, I was stuck on buying a flowmaster 40 from advancedauto for around $53...then having a shot install it and run new pipes (single in, dual out). Most shops said around $250. Then I get to...
  7. V6'S This is the LAST exhaust thread you need to read!!!

    Ok - Sooo it's been a little while since I've posted anything here but I have been doing major research on the site and net I - like many other V6 Maggie owner's have the urge to upgrade my exhaust for looks, sound and or performance. There are many threads debating on which systems to get and...