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  1. Exterior Styling
    i have a 05 rt that i had a collision with a deer in about a year ago, and i intend on getting it fixed when the funds arise. my question is, will a new 300 or charger front end fit on my magnum. i've seen ones with the older model but i like the look of the 2013's better. i havent seen any...
  2. Exterior Styling
    1) Do you like the new look of the 2011/2012 Chrysler 300C? :ponder: 2) Does the 2011/2012 300C front clip bolt on to the Magnum? :06: Your thoughts, and your knowledge? Anyone with PhotoShop skills, feel free to post a rendering of this conversion; It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! JR
  3. Exterior Styling
    Finally I was able to put the 300 front on my car. I see a lot of attention on the road, driving the car. :omfg: Paint is about in a month. Disapointed In the deep grill. So hard to line it up, I'm about to call grip to return it. Parts list for front end swap: Dealer...
1-3 of 3 Results