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  1. Front spoiler/lip question for 08 models

    Exterior Styling
    I'm thinking about getting this front lip spoiler I saw on eBay. This one. Fit 05 08 Dodge Magnum Sedan DL Style Real Polyurethane Front Bumper Lip Spoiler | eBay It says it'll fit an 08. I know the 08 front end bumper changed up from previous years. But isn't the dimentions on the bottom...
  2. Dodge Magnum Front Danko spoiler

    Sell your stuff
    This is a brand new Front Danko spoiler for a Dodge Magnum. Unpainted, and makes your mag look really nice. Thought it would fix my SRT8 but doesn't. 175.00 I have examples of it below. Text me six79-one 674
  3. Chin spoiler/front lip/front air dam

    Exterior Styling
    I am looking for a chin spoiler/front lip/front air dam, whichever you want to refer to it as, for my 2005 Magnum SXT. I have been told that if I get a fiberglass unit such as the Danko which I really like the way it looks, that I should go ahead and get 2 of them while I am buying. The reason...