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  1. Introduce Yourself
    I'm looking to buy a lambo door kit! Does anyone have one for sale? And is it worth it to put it on my car?
  2. Exterior Styling
    Guys at AAC - When will the new plasmas be out?! I cannot wait any longer! :omfg: lol just kidding. But really...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    Yo guys its been awhile since ive opened a thread, but the maggie goes in for its inspection next week, and im looking to replace my brakes. I want some nice Slotted and Drilled Rotors. Something cheap preferably doesnt need to perform exceptional just make me stop. Has anybody ever found...
  4. Updated Mag Pics

    6000k CCFL Halos/HID lights and 6000k fog lights
  5. Updated Mag Pics

    Outside of work takn pics on a slow day 6000k CCFL Halos/HID lights and 6000k fog lights
  6. Exterior Styling
    Finally gonna finish my halo install. AAC sent me my replacement :You_Rock_Emoticon:. There was no way in hell i could squeeze first gen style halos on second gen headlights that thing was huge...pause. Hope they aint a PITA today cause last time i wanted to chuck that headlight assy across...
  7. Exterior Styling
    Can someone send me a link to a site where I can buy them bright halos. I heard alot about some that aren't bright enough. I think there the AAC lights?I just don't want to order a pair and there not bright
  8. Exterior Styling
    So, now that i just got a job, I'm going to be putting money into my baby again.. She needs some new eyes and i figured i'd ask in the forums for some adivce **I would like to tint these headlights possibly to murder my car out** but any suggestions would help right now:notworthy:
  9. Styling Mods
    Taken from my site at LED Halos In April 2010, we ordered LED halos with the voltage regulator from Flashtech USA, a competitor to Advanced Automotive Concepts and a vendor at On the 27th, our white LED halos arrived. We also got some 3M two way tape, 3M Adhesive/sealant...
  10. Exterior Styling
    Hey guys i am about to wire up my halos i got from ACC do you have any tips on wiring them other than into the parking lights? it would be appreciated ill post pics when they are done.
  11. Exterior Styling
    Well I finally got a break in the weather to take some pictures of my new headlights!!! The old look.... Her name was Keira Now her name is Lacey... All I can say are these things are BRIGHT!!!! Well done AAC!!!! Next up will be my BT emblem and then a black grill...
1-16 of 16 Results