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  1. Audio & Video
    I was looking into installing some subs (2-12") in my magnum. I was just wondering if anyone has installed some subs and amp into the stock head unit or if it was possible. I have an 05 rt magnum w/ navigation. I just dont feel like spending $500+ on a new head unit if I already like the stock...
  2. Sell your stuff
    This is a mint condition pioneer avid n3 flip out touch screen head unit. I would like 300 plus shipping..I have pics just can't post them on here. I will email them to you. Hit me up.
  3. Interior Styling
    Just got the AVIC-Z130BT. Love it! Much better then my kenwood was. Streeming pandora with the bluetooth audio is flawless! Can't wait to start glassing... Here is some pic of the head unit with the splash screens I made.:
  4. Audio & Video
    Just got my new Kenwood single din HU, got it all hooked up, but only getting bass out of my 2 10" subs. Im assuming thats due to the factory amp issue. My question is, now that everything is hooked up where do I go from here, what do I ned to buy now? Having no sound is actually louder than my...
  5. Sell your stuff
    I am putting out a feeler for sale. Selling factory head unit for '05 Dodge Magnum. If I get a buyer, I'll yank it out and ship ASAP. It is the double din, 6 disc cd changer with MP3/WMA playback. The radio is fully functional, just upgrading. Will take reasonable offers - make a me a deal...
1-5 of 5 Results