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  1. General Magnum Discussion
    Hello all. I am having a tough time with my magnum after an FCM replacement. The original issue was the passenger side low/high headlight not working and I finally ended up getting an FCM replacement. Now that the FCM was replaced, the headlights work as they should, although now my dash is...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    Hi, Can anyone help me. There appears to be several projector headlight units available for the '05 Magnum, but when looking at more info, I always come across the remark, "Be careful about swapping to aftermarket (projector) headlights, as most of the time their build quality is inferior to...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    driver's side bulb (low beam) burned out so i picked up a pair to replace both sides. i pulled the airbox, but it still looks like i don't have enough room to do anything with housing installed. how do i remove the housing? my haynes manual seems useless, as the description appears to be for...
  4. Exterior Styling
    My new headlights are on there way and should be installed on my magnum by the weekend
  5. Sell your stuff
    I've got a brand new 10,000k CCFL Oracle Halo Kit. I bought it a about a year ago and have never taken it out of the box. The kit includes: - (2) Magnum 10000K CCFL Hi Beam Halo Rings - (2) Magnum 10000K CCFL Lo Beam Halo Rings - (2) Magnum Demon Eye Ballasts - Dodge Magnum Specific Wiring...
  6. Exterior Styling
    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone has opinions on replacement headlight bulbs. I want to replace mine, but want to know the ins and outs. Their categories are: Standard Replacement Maximum Brightness Extended Life Reduced Glare Blue Coated Halogen I would like something with a whitish or blueish...
  7. Exterior Styling
    So I haven't come to this site in a while but i thought i should post pics of my maggie all blacked out now on the headlights I bought GTS headlight covers off ebay so i could put them on and off whenever i want and they're pretty nice i really like them, and for my tails i just used plasti...
  8. General Magnum Discussion
    I'll try to explain as much as I can. Try to stick with me. Thanks in advance. First off, I think I have the DRL headlight option because my switch has never changed what my headlights do. I can have the switch in any mode and the headlights are always on (e-brake on or not). Since I installed...
  9. Exterior Styling
    Can someone send me a link to a site where I can buy them bright halos. I heard alot about some that aren't bright enough. I think there the AAC lights?I just don't want to order a pair and there not bright
  10. General Magnum Discussion
    My magnum has an issue when I turn on the lights the head lights and parking light will flicker on and off for about 2 minutes then once it warms up it seems to quit. I have a halo kit set up I don't know if this has anytthing to do with it any help?
  11. Exterior Styling
    So i think it's a clear film that's coming off on my right headlight..not sure what sort of cleaner/remover to use. Any help would be nice Thanks! -Donald (maggie #2)
  12. Sell your stuff
    FOR SALE!!!!!!!!! - Aftermarket HeadlightNO LONGER AVAILABLE - Aftermarket Taillights - Center Console with Hidden cup holders SOLD - 2 Pairs of 6x9 Kicker coaxial speakers - Mopar Rear Parking Sensor SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! All prices in U.S. dollars, buyer is also responsible for...
  13. Exterior Styling
    I hate the yellow headlights that I have right now. I've been looking into Xenon and HID. Pretty much if you mod them onto your car, they're illegal. Doesn't the Chrysler Pacifica have Xenons? I was wondering if stronger halogens would do the trick, such as the PIAA ones that are like $75...
1-13 of 13 Results