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  1. Sell your stuff
    These are Brand New Still in the Box Replacement Headlights that I never installed. Had to sell the car. I paid about $150 for them Asking $100 with shipping OBO. Pay with Paypal. Spyder Signature) Dodge Magnum 05-07 Projector Headlights - LED Halo - LED ( Replaceable LEDs ) Product...
  2. Exterior Styling
    Long story short I love this front-end setup: Install Danko Predator Grill - Magnum - Page 2 If you scroll down halfway down the page to post #19 you'll see his front end. It looks like the stock front end but with the predator grill and some halo lights and eyelids on the lights. I was just...
  3. Exterior Styling
    Hey I am a little confused. I have the OEM headlight assembly on my dodge magnum; what do I have to change on them in order to Put 8000k HID bulbs in them? Or can I just put them in the assembly and be fine? Thanks!
  4. Exterior Styling
    I was looking for some new LED Halo headlights for my 2008 Magnum but could only find them for 2005-2007. Is there any available for 2008 Magnum? I'm looking for some black ones, as mine are getting hazy and I'm in the process of blacking everything out on my car. Spyder Spyder Projector...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    I'm looking to buy a lambo door kit! Does anyone have one for sale? And is it worth it to put it on my car?
  6. Sell your stuff
    I am selling my wife's car soon, and so I thought it best to sell these headlights since I never got around to installing them. I've got 2 sets of Raybrig HB4 headlight bulbs for the Magnum. The color temperature is 5000k these are rated as 12V 55W, with an effective output of 95W. I never...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I am Joe Saldarini in Greensboro, NC. My Magnum is a 2008 SRT-8 fully blacked out except for headlights..... I installed Magna Flows, Ram Air thru the hood scoop, and tuner package. My NC State tag is XTINCT1 Glad to have found this forum. I just installed fully black taillights but...
  8. Exterior Styling
    Guys at AAC - When will the new plasmas be out?! I cannot wait any longer! :omfg: lol just kidding. But really...
  9. Want to buy
    The title says it all. I'm looking for an original roof rack, not aftermarket. And the auto carwash just ripped off my rear wiper so I need that too. Also some stock headlights to add the Halo mod or if you happen to have a pair for sale with the mod included I'd also be interested. If you...
  10. Exterior Styling What do you guys think? Has anyone had experience with these? Seems like an awesome deal, just wondering what you guys thought. Thanks
  11. Want to Trade
    I have a 07 mag with the oe chrome I'm looking to swap for the oe black that come factory on dif models I'm in Austin tx thanks
  12. Want to buy
    It's been a while all. I'm looking for some stock headlights for my '05 R/T mag. I've got the Angel Eye headlights but I want to get the AAC Oracle kits and I need a pair of stocks for those. Let me know if you're selling. Thanks.
  13. Exterior Styling
    Hey guys - I am thinking about getting the Dodge Magnum 10000K ORACLE Brand Halo Kit from AAC but I had a few questions. Are these Halos bright enough to use as my primary lights at night? High beam? Low beam? Or do I get an HID kit to go along with these? Just want to make sure before i spend...
  14. Want to buy
    I'm looking to buy a pair of headlights for my Mag that I can have a Halo kit attached to. I have the aftermarket halos but they don't look as Boss as the originals with the Halo kit. If anyone's looking to part with their headlights hit me up with a price! :cool5:
  15. Exterior Styling
    Finally gonna finish my halo install. AAC sent me my replacement :You_Rock_Emoticon:. There was no way in hell i could squeeze first gen style halos on second gen headlights that thing was huge...pause. Hope they aint a PITA today cause last time i wanted to chuck that headlight assy across...
  16. Exterior Styling
    After blowing my driver side headlight i ordered my FIRST blue HIDS and plan on adding my own custom led stripe inside.i know aac has them for 150 bucks but i might try and go with the ones they have at pep siked on the HIDS i heard there crazy bright!. Photos coming soon
  17. Exterior Styling
    Just went through with an install of my headlights, swapped out the factory joints. It wasn't hard or bad at all... I should have been done this. Gotta get some fog lights now... :cool30: Link to pics: Link to Pictures on Facebook
  18. Exterior Styling
    So, now that i just got a job, I'm going to be putting money into my baby again.. She needs some new eyes and i figured i'd ask in the forums for some adivce **I would like to tint these headlights possibly to murder my car out** but any suggestions would help right now:notworthy:
  19. Exterior Styling
    easy install, just plug and play and they work fine!
  20. Introduce Yourself
    I just purchased an 07 SXT about a month ago and I'm really getting tired of the headlights coming on and staying on for a few minutes after opening the doors. I know that they turn off once you start the car, but if I just want to get something out of the car without driving it the headlamps...
1-20 of 28 Results