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  1. Magnum Engine Swap (No Spark)

    General Magnum Discussion
    Just bought a 2007 Magnum SE 2.7L V6 DOHC 24V with a 4 Speed Automatic Transmission. I bought the car for $440 with a pretty sold interior and exterior and working A/C except with a blown engine. The timing jumped and cut a hole in a valve cover and I didn't find this out until taking it off...
  2. new to the shmagnum thing

    Introduce Yourself
    So my story is I had a 2007 magnum for two weeks until it was totaled in my parking garage. Bought a 2005 magnum and thank god for one month dealer warranty. They rebuilt the motor with after market seals and they didn't hold up even 24hrs. New motor, same 05 mag. When they replaced the motor...
  3. Please help intermittent check engine light

    General Magnum Discussion
    My 07 mags check engine light started coming on and then would go away on its own. This occured a number of times so while it was on I got the code read came back a p0660 which I found out is a voltage irregularity with the intake manifold tuning valve, as it was not running bad and a majority...
  4. Need help choosing the right fuel tank

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hey peeps so my 2006 mag is stalling big time!! When i fill up, if i drive alot during the day it really stalls at night. Stalls at all speeds im so frustrated am getting anxiety just driving its not easy driving a stalling car in la! So i wanna change the purge solenoid valve. Should I still...
  5. check egine light 05 r/t

    General Magnum Discussion
    so driving down the road couple days ago and my check engine light came on for loss communication with: body control module A u0141 gear shift module u0103 anti-lock brake system u0121...

    General Magnum Discussion
    I have a 2005 Magnum (2.7L V6) and just recently the engine overheated with all required maintenance. The engine lost oil pressure over heated and burned the oil up all in like 10-15 Mins. I need to swap my engine since they said that this cannot be fixed/re-built. My question: 1)Has anyone...
  7. I bought new wheels and I was just wondering if somebody could photoshop

    Exterior Styling
    I was wondering if somebody could photoshop these wheels to how I have them described in the picture
  8. Hello. Seen this sight a lot. Gimme some ideas? Thanks

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    I have had 2 magnums so far. First one was an 06 SE 2.7 Magnum in which i had for a year. All i did to it was a sound system. I later traded that 06 for an 05 R/T which i am much happier with, i plan to do some work, and thought i would observe everyone elses work to get some ideas. I'm thinking...
  9. Car wont start...again...

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    A few days ago my car wouldn't start. I tried to jump it, and it wouldn't even work. Naturally, I figured it was the alternator. So had a new one installed. It worked great for that night and following morning, then the same problem occurred and my car would not start. I was told it might have...
  10. AAC full interior LED's

    General Magnum Discussion
    Well i just received my full set of LED's, started with the cargo lights worked like a charm. Then i opened up the map lights, and it appears they've been used.... one of the connectors looks slightly bent, and neither of them will light up? Is there a trick to make the map lights work, or did i...
  11. My name is Amanda and I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum SXT!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I just got my car in July. Its an off white 2005 Dodge Magnum SXT! I love my car, but there are some parts I need and I don't even know where to start! I need both front door speakers (6x9's?)....someone help!
  12. need help?

    General Magnum Discussion
    i have a creeking chirping sound comeing from front driver does it when im at a complete stop and accelerate and turn and when i hit bumps. it has just started this and seems to be geting worse. i do have 24 inch wheels on it. i dont want to here about the size of my rims . i just want...
  13. Stock Head Unit...I NEED HELP!!!!!!

    General Magnum Discussion
    Ok, i know this should probably be in audio, but i need help lol. I am installing my subs, and amp....and im wondering how the F**K i hook up the RCA cables to the stock head unit....or if i should use something else that i dont know about???? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!