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  1. Help. Vacuum hose/fitting???

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    Some sort of vacuum? (sucks in air, and making loud annoying suction) What is it? What connects to it (hose, fitting)? What does it run to? * Was changing spark plugs and apparently disconnected it when I was taking the intake manifold off and can remember/find whatever connects to it Anybody...
  2. Front Lower Ball Joint Installation

    Suspension Forum
    Hello All...I am in need of some desperate help here very soon! I took my car into my shop yesterday for a little DIY suspension repair (yes I had "The Clunk"). Everything went well until I started messing with these @#$% ball joints! I was forced to replace the Tension Strut Bushings (therefore...
  3. Air Ride.

    Suspension Forum
    Again almighty gurus I beg for your advice, I'm going Sunday to look at an used air ride system for my 08 magnum , What should I look for? I honestly do know what I'm looking for except, it needs air compressor, tank, lines, bags, ( this one has cylinders) , valves? Please please fill me with...