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  1. Anybody in the Columbus area? Or knows who's SRT Maggie this was?

    There's a SRT Magnum on sale in Columbus, OH that I'm thinking of buying, but I live all the way up in Toronto, Canada so I was wondering if anybody local could possible check it out to see if it's worth it. Or if somebody knows who it belonged to I could get a bit of history from them. The...
  2. Mag update!!! And Help

    General Magnum Discussion
    ok, so im still new to the site but have been moddin for a while now, just a few updates i thought id share with the mag family. _ took the advice of fellow members and purchased and installed CAI. _Borrowed a predator tuner and 89 flashed my car, now im getting between 23-25 mpg( highway and...
  3. surging problems on an 5.7 modle

    Introduce Yourself
    :comp26: Since ive bought this car, it has always had this weird pulsation surge felling since 27k miles..had it for two years now, has 65k on it now.. no better or worse.. No one has been ever to tell me whats going on with it.. alt. batt. and starter test fine.. I know its something stupid on...
  4. Headlight Help In tallahassee, fl

    Exterior Styling
    I really want to buy some bling rings from HID Kit - Headlight Mods but Im not comfortable putting them in myself is there anyone around Tallahassee with experience in putting the lights in who wouldnt mind helping out with the install?? Even if your a few hours out of Tally I wouldnt mind...