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  1. HID Headlight Assemby

    Exterior Styling
    Hey I am a little confused. I have the OEM headlight assembly on my dodge magnum; what do I have to change on them in order to Put 8000k HID bulbs in them? Or can I just put them in the assembly and be fine? Thanks!
  2. Raybrig HID headlights

    Sell your stuff
    I am selling my wife's car soon, and so I thought it best to sell these headlights since I never got around to installing them. I've got 2 sets of Raybrig HB4 headlight bulbs for the Magnum. The color temperature is 5000k these are rated as 12V 55W, with an effective output of 95W. I never...
  3. HID Kit Questions

    Exterior Styling What do you guys think? Has anyone had experience with these? Seems like an awesome deal, just wondering what you guys thought. Thanks
  4. Rockauto -> Headlight Bulbs?

    Exterior Styling
    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone has opinions on replacement headlight bulbs. I want to replace mine, but want to know the ins and outs. Their categories are: Standard Replacement Maximum Brightness Extended Life Reduced Glare Blue Coated Halogen I would like something with a whitish or blueish...
  5. 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T- Excellent Condition

    Sell your stuff
    One day left on my Dodge Magnum for sale on Ebay, right now it has one bid from local dealer for $8,500 with No Reserve. They are bidding on it sight unseen so you know they are looking to make a pretty good profit. This is currently $5,500 below Kelly Blue Book. It's in excellent...
  6. HID Conversion Kits?

    Exterior Styling
    What's a good Fog light HID conversion kit and Headlight HID conversion kit? In other words, what you got that you like?
  7. Weird headlight issues - please help

    General Magnum Discussion
    I'll try to explain as much as I can. Try to stick with me. Thanks in advance. First off, I think I have the DRL headlight option because my switch has never changed what my headlights do. I can have the switch in any mode and the headlights are always on (e-brake on or not). Since I installed...
  8. New HID's

    Exterior Styling
    Finally pulled the trigger and ordered the hid kit from ddm. (6000K)
  9. hid capacitor??

    General Magnum Discussion
    Does any one know how I connect this to my hid kit?
  10. 8000k HIDs looking good!

    Exterior Styling
    easy install, just plug and play and they work fine!