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  1. HID DDM Tuning....Nightmare

    General Magnum Discussion
    Not long ago, I ordered a pair of 35w 8k KIDS lows/fogs w/ error code eliminators from DDM. Smooth order, week or so long delivery. I eagerly installed the kit on my car and everything worked fine....for about 3 cycles (turning on and off). The left fog light started to cut on when it wanted to...
  2. HID Conversion Kits?

    Exterior Styling
    What's a good Fog light HID conversion kit and Headlight HID conversion kit? In other words, what you got that you like?
  3. Hid bulbs!

    Exterior Styling
    After blowing my driver side headlight i ordered my FIRST blue HIDS and plan on adding my own custom led stripe inside.i know aac has them for 150 bucks but i might try and go with the ones they have at pep siked on the HIDS i heard there crazy bright!. Photos coming soon
  4. Driving lights are ticking me off w hids

    Exterior Styling
    I'm sure everyone has guessed I have hids.. I have my highs and lows working fine.. But not :censored: day lights they won't have it.. Both kits have the harness with the box inline .. Idk what else I can add .. I tried caps.. Still no.. But any suggestions will help thx
  5. Headlight Suggestions

    Exterior Styling
    So, now that i just got a job, I'm going to be putting money into my baby again.. She needs some new eyes and i figured i'd ask in the forums for some adivce **I would like to tint these headlights possibly to murder my car out** but any suggestions would help right now:notworthy: