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  1. Problem: Dash Reads that the Key is in..... WHEN IT's NOT!! HELP!!

    The Q&A Forum
    Ok so this is the deal, I was removing my old underglow kit, I bought the car with the kit already installed. Its an OPTX Street Glow with the LED Tubes. As I was removing the wiring to the control box, all of a sudden my car starting chiming and the Dash read that the key was in, the...
  2. Ingnition issues, I need a priest

    The Q&A Forum
    I always blame my wife, as joke, "car worked great when I gave it to you." Seriously though her timing on when a vehicle flakes out is amazing. So, I've run into some weird stuff before but, this takes the cake(for me). The mag started by itself. I do not have remote start. My wife was...
  3. Gremlins in my Radio

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hello all. Haven't posted on here in quite some time. I'm happy to say I still have my magnum which just turned 106k and going strong. I have however run into a problem today. I found that when getting out of the car (ignition off key out) the radio continues to play after I open the door...
  4. Turn key and no cranking sound

    Audio & Video
    I need help bad guys, I was installing a ground loop isolater and and now I can start my car with my viper remote start, but when i put key in ignition and put my foot on brake it shuts off, (normally when i do this it beeps and the key keeps the car running untill i turn it off) When i try...