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  1. Suspension Forum
    Hello All...I am in need of some desperate help here very soon! I took my car into my shop yesterday for a little DIY suspension repair (yes I had "The Clunk"). Everything went well until I started messing with these @#$% ball joints! I was forced to replace the Tension Strut Bushings (therefore...
  2. Exterior Styling
    Just went through with an install of my headlights, swapped out the factory joints. It wasn't hard or bad at all... I should have been done this. Gotta get some fog lights now... :cool30: Link to pics: Link to Pictures on Facebook
  3. Exterior Styling
    I run the wires all the way back in the headliner. Took the speaker cower off for easyer install. Attached the camera power/ground wire to the cigarett lighter. Drilled a test hole in poplar to see if the camera fits tight. Drilled a hole in the bumper for the camera. Popped the bumper off...
  4. Audio & Video
    I have an 05 magnum with the factory 6 disc player radio "rak version" which also plays cassettes. Well the cd player stop working so now im replacing it with another factory 6 disc player radio "raq version" which does not play cassettes! I heard its just simple plug & play... But how do i...
  5. Audio & Video
    I was wondering if anyone knew the easiest way to install an amp and subs into my magnum. i have a 2005 rt with the boston sound system.
1-5 of 6 Results