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  1. Sell your stuff
    Hey Guys and Gals I have a Big Bully up for sell $100 + Shipping and Handling if Applicable I'm just north of Atlanta GA .... Black Intake Red Cone .... Reusable Cone will have to be Recharged with a K&N or similar cleaning oiling kit
  2. Performance Talk
    Hi Everyone, I found a nice deal on an AEM Brute force intake but it does not have the heat shield. How big of a problem is this? Anyone running one without the shield? How much of a difference should I notice, if any, with this unit. By the way, I have an 05 R/T and hopefully, in a day or...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    Ok I went to the garage and notice red spot first thing came to mind was that my transmission was leaking... HEART ALMOST DROPPED. Then I did some investigating and notice when I change my oil and clean my K&N air intake it was white then I sprayed the red solution on the intake. Question is...
  4. Performance Talk
    just get cant be a fool all yer life. this thing is impressive! i was a little sceptical payin $300 for it but damn, when i got it out of the box and set it on the counter i just sat in amazement. the quality and fit and finish is great. really huge air filter w/ the inverted...
  5. Performance Talk
    I just wanted to share a little Mod I got for a sweet price thanks to Member Weezy!! I was sooooo excited to install it I did it in the dark!!! I can't wait to add a Predator and some Duals-
  6. Performance Talk
    Hey- I was wondering if anyone with a 3.5 also has a throttle Body spacer. I've installed one in another vehicle and I like the way it sounds, + the little umph! I just installed a K&N CAI, and was thinking of getting a spacer as well. I am also thinking of getting the Predator- 1. Do you...
  7. Performance Talk
    After recently getting a CAI, I found this site. This may be helpful to others, too. Has everything from the bends, to the metal straights, to the filters. Looks aheluva lot like the one I bought used these components. Any other recommendations for similar vendors??? Intercooler Pipe...
1-7 of 7 Results