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  1. Help Magnum Noise

    General Magnum Discussion
    My magnum has been making this weird small compressor motor type noise only when im driving. It doesnt do it during idle or anything else. It also makes a gurgling humming type noise when i step on the gas hard. Theres also times it wont accelerate when i step on it, like a mini delay. Anyone...
  2. Wiper Motor Cargo Light?

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hey i removed my wiper motor yesterday, and after doing so i put everything back together and realized my cargo light wont turn on now. Are these things some how connected? I just want my LEDS to shine bright once again. Thanks
  3. hello... im new,i know NOTHING about dodge.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I'm T, just got a 05 magnum rt w 48k miles. The dealer replaced the rack and pin, ball joints, and serpentine belt... when I pulled off the check engine light came on, turned around, it was a o2 sensor.. I have some questions already. Hopefully you guys and gals can help. I'm a gm man...