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  1. Karlito & Why I Love CM

    General Magnum Discussion
    Just wanted to take a moment to thank, and give a shot out to Karl. I posted a thread speaking on my new rims, staggered 22" KMC Nova's. Karl hit me up with an INCREDIBLE offer. He had a brand spanking new 22x9 Nova that he had no use for and offered to give it to me at an almost unrealistic...
  2. Karlito At His Best

    The Dark Room
    Finally got a moment to take some decent pics of the work Karlito did for my ashtray plate. Here's what I sent him: Here's what he did:
  3. Lookin for the perfect spot...

    The Dark Room
    Malachi (ydahsmils2001) and I got together today for a little warm up for the Photo Contest this month, afterwards I just cruised the alleys downtown and poped off a couple more. My next mod needs to be a good camera. The light has to be perfect for some of these pics to be perfect...Malachi has...