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  1. General Magnum Discussion
    Greetings Magnum Owners, I recently replaced all of my incandescent lights on my 08 SRT8 with LEDs. I even replaced the front and rear chrome strips with LED strips- Cool white in front and Orange-red in rear. When I replaced the amber rear directional bulbs with LEDs, my flasher began ticking...
  2. Interior Styling
    after having my mag for all of a week and a half ive finished my first mod my custom led interior i did all the vents even the rear 2 the rear door pockets front floor boards and dash pocket and all map lights and hatch light let me know what you guys think!! rear seat view left and right...
  3. Exterior Styling
    I'm installing the Oracle Halos and LED strips this weekend. The directions from Oracle are almost not even included, and this is the part that can really go wrong if you're not sure what to do. They don't show the actual wiring from start to finish- at all. I've had nightmares before with just...
1-3 of 3 Results