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  1. Sell your stuff
    These are Brand New Still in the Box Replacement Headlights that I never installed. Had to sell the car. I paid about $150 for them Asking $100 with shipping OBO. Pay with Paypal. Spyder Signature) Dodge Magnum 05-07 Projector Headlights - LED Halo - LED ( Replaceable LEDs ) Product...
  2. Exterior Styling
    Hey everyone. It's been a while since I posted, but wanted to check in and give you all an update. I've been planning to do the push-bumper for a while. A lot of reasons for it: safety, the look (say what you want, I like it :cool5:), and the Prius-intimidation factor. Frankly, I'm also...
  3. V6's
    Hey, So i guess it has been a while since i have been on here, well recently i have decided i need to do some new stuff to the Mag. here is what i have decided upon Maintenance parts; So i ordered a new EGR valve and all gaskets to do with it and the tube, i know i have been having problems...
  4. Exterior Styling
    I was looking for some new LED Halo headlights for my 2008 Magnum but could only find them for 2005-2007. Is there any available for 2008 Magnum? I'm looking for some black ones, as mine are getting hazy and I'm in the process of blacking everything out on my car. Spyder Spyder Projector...
  5. Interior Styling
    I got the 3 chip LED kit from aac and for some reason the two cargo area lights are not working. I noticed that after I put in the two LEDs the clamps around the ends of the bulbs were a little loose. I kind of bent them slightly to ensure contact with the LEDs but they still are not coming on...
  6. Exterior Styling
    After blowing my driver side headlight i ordered my FIRST blue HIDS and plan on adding my own custom led stripe inside.i know aac has them for 150 bucks but i might try and go with the ones they have at pep siked on the HIDS i heard there crazy bright!. Photos coming soon
  7. Exterior Styling
    Hey Yall whats goin on...First off I love My aftermarket LED taillights and i had them in for about a year now...All of of sudden the driver side brake light wont other words the light will come on but it will not get any brighter when the brake is pressed...The signals work and the...
  8. General Magnum Discussion
    I need these in my life, BAD. If anyone can tell me where to get them and a helpful post with an installation guide, I'd be very grateful. I've searched and searched, but I keep running into everything about fog lights, except what I need to know.
  9. Exterior Styling
    Well, for this one, I obviously didn't have stock fog lights and didn't feel like going through the Stealership for new bezels and lights so I ordered these LED's online and did a little cutting!
  10. Exterior Styling
    I think I'm gonna tint my OEM taillights but I want to replace the tail / brake light bulb with the BRIGHTEST LED replacement bulb I can find. I've looked around and have seen A LOT of different ones! Does anybody have any brand / type recommendations? I was considering the "spider" type that...
  11. Interior Styling
    has anyone done this? i'm sure it's pretty straightforward, just take that plastic cover out, put some holes in it, and wire the leds to the cigarette lighter..right? any advice/pics of this would be great! thanks
  12. Exterior Styling
    Well I finally got a break in the weather to take some pictures of my new headlights!!! The old look.... Her name was Keira Now her name is Lacey... All I can say are these things are BRIGHT!!!! Well done AAC!!!! Next up will be my BT emblem and then a black grill...
  13. Poor mans wiper shave

    Install pic's of the hole plug for the cheap shave.
1-13 of 13 Results