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  1. Exterior lighting: Error codes: Which cause them..? Fog lights: 45w to 55w ok..?

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hi, I'm about to upgrade the headlights and sidelights on my Magnum. I've heard that if you alter the resistance of, say for example, the headlights (i.e. you've taken the halogen bulbs out and have fitted an HID kit), then the computer can sense the difference in resistance and thinks a...
  2. When? When!?!? WHEN!?!?!?

    Exterior Styling
    Guys at AAC - When will the new plasmas be out?! I cannot wait any longer! :omfg: lol just kidding. But really...
  3. HID Kit Questions

    Exterior Styling What do you guys think? Has anyone had experience with these? Seems like an awesome deal, just wondering what you guys thought. Thanks
  4. Halo Headlight Question

    Exterior Styling
    Hey guys - I am thinking about getting the Dodge Magnum 10000K ORACLE Brand Halo Kit from AAC but I had a few questions. Are these Halos bright enough to use as my primary lights at night? High beam? Low beam? Or do I get an HID kit to go along with these? Just want to make sure before i spend...
  5. Oracle LED Cargo Light Problem

    Interior Styling
    I got the 3 chip LED kit from aac and for some reason the two cargo area lights are not working. I noticed that after I put in the two LEDs the clamps around the ends of the bulbs were a little loose. I kind of bent them slightly to ensure contact with the LEDs but they still are not coming on...
  6. Gauges

    Interior Styling
    I am interested in adding some gauges to my Magnum (oil temp, tach, water temp) I have heard about GlowShift Gauges, but I didnt know if anyone had anything good to say about them? I will be adding a SC Kit to the car in a while, and these seem to be fairly easily interchangeable (so i can...