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  1. General Magnum Discussion
    I have not idea what is going on here. Is my cluster failing? Loose connection? ECU going bad? Below is a video of it happening, which is very difficult to catch because it is so rare. The car is a 45k 2006 SRT8. It runs great. It drives great. Excellent history on the car. I'm not sure...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    Greetings Magnum Owners, I recently replaced all of my incandescent lights on my 08 SRT8 with LEDs. I even replaced the front and rear chrome strips with LED strips- Cool white in front and Orange-red in rear. When I replaced the amber rear directional bulbs with LEDs, my flasher began ticking...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    1 got factory exhaust Location: garden grove california 100$ (not included when sold magnum) 2 replacement led headlights anzo never installed still in amazon box...I paid 240/170, they are mint. take around half that front...
  4. The Q&A Forum
    Ok so the other night I noticed that my 3rd brake light stays on continuously when I turn my regular lights on. With the light switch in the on position, I apply the brakes and the brake lights get brighter as they should but the 3rd brake light (which is already lit) also gets brighter. With...
  5. Exterior Styling
    I'll start off by saying this is both my forst post, and my first time trying to mod Maggie, I screwed something up while I was trying to find the running wire with my volt reader. Now my driver's side blinker isn't working. I got the new lights on without a problem as it is a fairly simple...
  6. General Magnum Discussion
    I have been following many of these threads for sometime now but haven't felt worthy of joining until I owned a Magnum. Well I do now. I just bought a Silver 2005 R/T with 55k miles on it. pretty proud of it. To start... what type of headlights would go well with a silver Magnum. I have...
  7. General Magnum Discussion
    Check this out guys. A way to get around those tickets at traffic lights. License Plate Frame Foils Irksome Traffic-Light Cameras | Raw File |
  8. General Magnum Discussion
    Hey Guys i have an issue with my Lights, dashlights, interior lights and headlight flash in and out. I checked the ecm all the flashes have been performed and updated and yet it still occurs wondering if it could be an alternator, its been happenen for years. The reason i think it the alternator...
  9. Exterior Styling
    Hey guys - I am thinking about getting the Dodge Magnum 10000K ORACLE Brand Halo Kit from AAC but I had a few questions. Are these Halos bright enough to use as my primary lights at night? High beam? Low beam? Or do I get an HID kit to go along with these? Just want to make sure before i spend...
  10. Want to buy
    I'm looking to buy a pair of headlights for my Mag that I can have a Halo kit attached to. I have the aftermarket halos but they don't look as Boss as the originals with the Halo kit. If anyone's looking to part with their headlights hit me up with a price! :cool5:
  11. New Member Introductions
    hey im new on the site my name is eric,i manage an e-cigarette warehouse(thats enough introducing right?) and i just got a 2008 magnum and love it more than my mustang, im looking to get rid of it asap. ford is just no go for me.. however i am having a lot of trouble finding red interior lights...
  12. Want to buy
    Lookin around for the halo headlight with blakc in the back, and or hid lights, also owould like to haave lambo doors. any ideas we i can find em cheaap but good. Thnks for the help also lookin for a 2000watt dclass amp any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  13. Interior Styling
    This may be a ridiculous question but is there any way to disable the ticking sound of the turn signals? thanks for any and all help.
1-13 of 13 Results