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  1. Suspension Forum
    Please help to many choices! What's the most recommended air suspension system out there for my mag? I want it as low as possible and ride well also. I was once in the AZ mini truck scene back in the late 90's early y2K there was a lot of crap out there. Can anyone help me out plz!, thanks...
  2. Suspension Forum
    So I need some help. Im thinking about lowering my Magnum (2005 Dodge Magnum SXT Special Edition with 22" x 8.5" on 265/35/22). How much did you lower with this setup? (I want 1-2") What brand did you use? (I've researched Eibach) What issues do you have? (Uneven ware and suspension issues)...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    I just sold one of my bikes, so i have 4 grand cash. I am wondering what the average cost of bagging my magnum would be. Id love to keep it as cheap as possible, but im wondering what you guys have all paid for the entire kit, and installation. Also stepping up to 22" wheels, so that'll probably...
  4. Suspension Forum
    OK everyone, I am FINALLY going to get some new shoes!!! But first I have a few questions and need some favors!! Here we go-- Right now Im sitting on 225/60/18's which sit about 28" high. Wheel wells Front- 31.75 --- Rear 31.50 Gap " " 3.75 --- " " 3.50 1st favor - I...
1-4 of 4 Results