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  1. Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Spring (4)

    Sell your stuff
    Alright i'm back, this time to sell my Eibach Pro-kit Lowering Springs. This is a set of 4. As you would get them from Eibach if you ordered them. Eibach charges $368.10 for them brand-new. These have been on the car for about a year or two. Normal wear is on them but they do have the...
  2. HEY!! Im lowering my Magnum.

    Suspension Forum
    So I need some help. Im thinking about lowering my Magnum (2005 Dodge Magnum SXT Special Edition with 22" x 8.5" on 265/35/22). How much did you lower with this setup? (I want 1-2") What brand did you use? (I've researched Eibach) What issues do you have? (Uneven ware and suspension issues)...
  3. D2 lowering springs?

    Suspension Forum
    So I have a 06 rt riding on 20s and I want to drop her down and fill the wheel wells up. I'm wanting some advise on lowering spring kits, I found a d2 racing kit that drops right at 2 inches but I am curious to it's quality and what this is going to do to ride quality. I want it low but avoiding...
  4. Praise the Lowered!

    General Magnum Discussion
    Well, I have joined the club. Here she is. Not bad for AWD. So now the next question is- I'm debating if I like it. I mean, I totally love how it looks, but I do hate the ride. It reminds me of when I was 16 and I'd heat the springs in my Golf to bring 'er down. These are Dropzones on...
  5. 36 tabs

    Suspension Forum
    This is driving me nuts. Hours of searching. This is what I need. Eibach Sportline springs, Eibach Pro-dampers for my 05 SXT AWD. I need part numbers and do these come together as a kit or do I have to buy them seperately? And everything I see has "Ext. AWD" and I'm getting sick of seeing that...
  6. Affordable lowering options for front end?

    Suspension Forum
    I would like to lower only the front end of my ride. Outside of a lowering kit i was curious if anyone had any other ideas. I am pleased with the stance in the back, but i would like to obtain a meaner look in the front by bringing it down a bit. Any insight would be appreciated.
  7. Any good shops in NE Illinois?

    I am from the Kankakee, IL area and i'm looking for a reputable shop to install some lowering springs and dampers(maybe sway bars also if I can wrestle some cash away from the Mrs.) LOL. If anyone knows of a good quality shop in the NE Illinois area that knows something about lowering mags...
  8. Questions about lowering my mag

    Suspension Forum
    I have a couple of questions I was hoping a few kind members could answer for me. I am interested in lowering my mag but I have heard a lot of things about it and was hoping someone could give me the straight scoop. Question #1 - What is involved and approximately how much will it cost me to...