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  1. North East
    The rear wiper blades for me '08 Magnum R/T aren't the cheapest which isn't a big deal if they were to last but they don't. I've been buying from a local dealership because it seems like I need the entire assembly (dealership only offers the arm and wiper blade). Also the arm appears to have a...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    PArked my car and was gettin ready to exit , tried to remove my key and the ignition wouldnt let go. What the heck is this about? Can you guys help me? thanks in advance
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  5. 2005 Magnum LoadRunner R/T

    Car Show
  6. 2005 Magnum LoadRunner R/T

    Car Show
  7. General Magnum Discussion
    I experienced a disturbing failure on May 11, 2009, of my 05 Magnum's automatic transmission where it just wouldn't go forward. I had to be pushed to the shoulder and towed. The repair shop told me there was water in the transmission that caused the torque converter clutch to disintegrate and...
1-10 of 10 Results