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  1. F.S. Custom Airbrushed 2.7L Plenum/Manifold

    Sell your stuff
    Up for sale is a brand new 2.7L Plenum complete with tuning valve, MAP sensor, and hardware (as seen). This has never been installed on a car. The airbrushing was done by Damian (skippytrailer) and features $100 bills with green pearl ghost flames over gloss black. 2.7L raised letter was shaved...
  2. V6 Tester for Discounted Parts

    Performance Talk
    Hey Guys, Is anyone in the Phoenix area interested in doing a ported lower intake manifold and ported throttle body for their 3.5L V6? The throttle body is known to produce around 5-8 hp and tq. What I need is dyno numbers for the combination of the manifold/tb and just the manifold. I will be...
  3. New V6 Video: Inertia Cams, 74mm Ported TB, Ported Manifold

    Performance Talk
    I recorded a new video of my 2005 Magnum SXT with the Inertia V1.1 Camshafts, Ported & polished manifold, ported & polished 74mm throttle body and custom tuned by Mike Lafrad. Bolt-ons include AirHammer HO intake, Blastin Bobs 10db kit (replaced suitcase w/ dynomax muffler), and airflow mods.