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  1. Meets and Greets
    Sorry most of you missed it. It was a huge show 5-600 cars, with a lot of old iron! ONLY 3 Magnums in the whole show !?! I did see Jim with his bad a$$ Orange Chally there and a few stray LX cars. This show is semi annual show. Don't miss out on the next one! Festival Flea Market Mall...
  2. Meets and Greets
    There are a few of us Inland Empire desert dirt dwellers that are getting together for some breakfast and a little meet and greet on March 6th (saturday) @ 10am or earlier if anyone is able. Original Pancake House 3580 Adams Street Riverside, California 92504 951-351-1500 The original posting...
  3. Meets and Greets
    I came across an old thread of a SoCal meet and greet at Angelo's in Anaheim. I haven't been there since I was a kid!!! Lets set up another one and stuff the parking lot full of magnums. Who wants to go?? I was thinking a run mid Saturday around mid June. Angelo's 518 S State College Blvd...
1-3 of 3 Results