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  1. SPL meter at MOPAR SHOW OFF (Saturday)???

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    Okay, i have a Friend that owns his own custom shop and they have a termlab meter, the official 180+db mic used by DB Drag, MECA, USAC and other SPL organizations. I was talking to him about the MSO and he offered to come and have cars metered for cheap, if i can set somthing up on Saturday...
  2. the MOPAR SHOWOFF just got BIGGER!!!!!

    Meets and Greets
    This event started with a simple thread on, by Sean (Bay Area Magnum) which stated, “I want to plan a FLORIDA meet !!!*** BIG ****” from there it just steam rolled into so much more, and with a purpose. Mopar Show Off ‘09 is ramping up to be a huge car show. Scheduled for...
  3. Visited Old Town

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    YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS PLACE !!!!!!!!!!. There are like 3 bars , pizza, chinese , day spa (ladies) , shopping, go cart track, lil kid amusement park, medium kid amusement park, laser tag, mechanical bull .etc etc..I took alot of pics here are a few...