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  1. Exterior Styling
    Hey guys- I just got in my new BT Mopar nose badge (to replace the Rams head), and I am looking for advice on swapping it out, HOPEFULLY without removing the entire front end. Has anyone done this? I had found some instructions a while back, but now they mysteriously vanished. My Google...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    So after months of endless searching of every salvage yard within 400 miles of me for the elusive Magnum hidden hitch, once made by Valley, I started to give up. I actually got stuck with one of the hitch's that I went to look at near Canada, as the yard had a restocking fee...The hitch turned...
  3. Suspension Forum
    Hi guys, I'd like to lower my ride a little, but still keep it "stock" (due to strict safety/tech inspections) and the Mopar springs seem like a good choice for a moderate drop. The only problem is that there doesn't seem to be a kit specific to the 2.7, and due to the difference in the weight...
  4. Performance Talk
    Hi, I'm new to Custom Magnums. I'm running a Black 2006 AWD Magnum. There's a lot out there with CAI's. K&N seems to be the "popular" brand. I noticed a great deal of you guys in Custom Magnums use K&N. K&N's run $300+; is there a less expensive option. Does any use the Mopar Intakes...
  5. Meets and Greets
    Hey Everyone! I was at the mall today and a dude in a Jeep SRT8 pulled me over to invite me to a Mopar meet up at The Tamale Kitchen #8 around 10am (on Quebec St. and E. Lincoln Ave./S. University Blvd) I'm gonna try and make it I hope you can too-
  6. Magnum T-shirt

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1-6 of 9 Results