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  1. Ashley in Nashville

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, my name is Ashley, I'm in Nashville and I love my Maggie (2005 Silver R/T). I've had her since she came off the showroom floor. I never planned on selling her and, in fact, I may be entering the territory of having to do complete overhauls and transplants on her. I have a lot I want to do...
  2. Better Late Than Never!

    Introduce Yourself
    I am ashamed to admit it.... I missed this thread. I have been a member for several months and never introduced myself. My name is Jeff My city is Nashville, TN. 07 Silver Dodge Magnum 2.7 V6 and 0-60 in aprox. 23 seconds...Give or take a tenth 22" Mizati Stix Wheels, 12" Kicker subs In the...