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  1. Want to buy
    Sup CM peeps I really want to finish my audio video install before I start on performance upgrades I think the last piece I need is a Black or Silver Navigation Bezel ... or If I break down and buy the faux carbon fiber one how hard is to paint it
  2. Want to buy
    I just bought a new head unit and I can't wait to install it anymore! All eBay has is carbon fiber and colors. All dodge has is $250 and on back order! I just bought my magnum and I am not about to go cutting on the dash! Somebody please help!!!!
  3. Interior Styling
    Anyone sellin their Navigation bezel(silver) or know where i can get one? I need to install 7" double din in the dash. Dealerships don't seem to have em and claim that they are on national backorder. So please anyone care to help me out on where i can get one. PLEASE let me know!!!
1-3 of 3 Results