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  1. Sell your stuff
    For sale Factory 05 RER 6 disc navigation, It suffers from the well documented joystick issue so the joystick will need to be repaired ($28 for part). Anyone handy with a soldering iron can do the fix, or you can have someone from the...
  2. Audio & Video
    Hey all, I have an 06 R/T with the stock Boston Acoustics setup and the Stock REC radio with the 6CD changer, Navi, and uConnect. This morning when driving into work, the Screen started to flicker, then stopped so i thought nothing of it. Then right before I got to work, the screen just went...
  3. Audio & Video
    I've been trying to sell the stock rec nav unit out of my 05 rt and have had no luck. I've had a couple bids on ebay but never above my reserve. I don't know if i'm asking too much, $500, which is less than what they are going for on ebay. My question is does anyone know what a good asking price...
  4. Audio & Video
    I have an 05 magnum with the factory 6 disc player radio "rak version" which also plays cassettes. Well the cd player stop working so now im replacing it with another factory 6 disc player radio "raq version" which does not play cassettes! I heard its just simple plug & play... But how do i...
  5. General Magnum Discussion
    Hey there people. I brought my 08 Magnum RT in to the local dealer today for a couple things. One being a foul rotten egg smell that consumes the cabin after heavy acceleration. I was told everything was fine. Just because there are no faults in the system does not mean everything is fine. It...
  6. Audio & Video
    Does anyone know what the latest one is? is it the same disk for RER? P.S. I have a 10/22/08 hacked DVD that i used on my 06 REC radio, PM me for details if you need one
  7. Sell your stuff
    FS: REC nav unit with bezel and user manual - SOLD Original unit off the 06 Magnum SRT8. SOLD
  8. Want to buy
    Does any one have a back up of the Navtaq Dec. 2008 Nav disk Part #U0032-0070-812 I scrached mine beyound repair and i dont have a back up. REC Nav Unit
  9. Minor Changes

    Eclipse AVN-6620 DVD/Nav Unit
  10. Minor Changes

    Eclipse AVN-6620 DVD/Nav Unit
  11. Minor Changes

    Eclipse AVN-6620 DVD/Nav Unit
  12. Minor Changes

    Painted the engine cover myself.
1-12 of 12 Results