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  1. My Version of a NO ESP Mod

    General Magnum Discussion
    So I got tired of the ESP wrecking all my fun when im out and about sliding around the corners in the winter, So after doing some research i figured out how i was to do it. The first option was to get the NOESP chip and install that, but that was much to expensive and i wanted it done much...
  2. NoESP, 180 t-stat, Predator 91tune = Gettin LOOOSE!

    Performance Talk
    WOW! Sham f'in WOW! Thanks to all who recommended I use my mod $ for the predator instead of a new tire for the 24's (fireman leading the charge). Already had the NoESP mod, that coupled with the 180 t-stat and the 91 tune really turned my Mag loose. I was already spinning the rears with the...