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  1. Want to Trade
    I have 2 sets of headlights. I have stock headlights and a set of halo headlights. I'm looking to trade for some oracle headlights. If interested just pm me
  2. Sell your stuff
    I've got a brand new 10,000k CCFL Oracle Halo Kit. I bought it a about a year ago and have never taken it out of the box. The kit includes: - (2) Magnum 10000K CCFL Hi Beam Halo Rings - (2) Magnum 10000K CCFL Lo Beam Halo Rings - (2) Magnum Demon Eye Ballasts - Dodge Magnum Specific Wiring...
  3. Exterior Styling
    So i finally removed the worst part of the dodge magnum..... The rear wiper. I used the 200 emblem/new 300 emblem, and i plasti-dipped it black. Also my new blue reverse lights are in. I put in a switch to turn them on and off when i please. Thanks AAC and Oracle for the lights!!
  4. Interior Styling
    I got the 3 chip LED kit from aac and for some reason the two cargo area lights are not working. I noticed that after I put in the two LEDs the clamps around the ends of the bulbs were a little loose. I kind of bent them slightly to ensure contact with the LEDs but they still are not coming on...
1-4 of 4 Results