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  1. I love my Magnum, but if i cant fix this it's time to let her go. HELP!

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    I'll give as much detail as i can. SO bear with me. About a month ago the coolant housing cracked while the car was siting in park for about 10 minutes. I replaced the coolant housing the next day, but had to force it to a car parts store. Well about a month later, my car started overheating...
  2. Car will not start, Over Heated.

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    So my 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T 5.7 L began to overheat Friday after i got home around 4:20 P.M. after about to go out of town to see my pops, when it began to overheat with the needle past the middle line around a quarter away from the big red H. as soon as I stepped back into my car. Note...
  3. Pegged out temp gauge, massively overheated.

    General Magnum Discussion
    Okie dokie, Magnum fans. Today while running errands, when stopped at a red light I heard this sudden "thunk" and a deep rumbling from the bottom of the front end. I could feel it in the pedals. Lasted a couple of minutes, sounded like a fan coming on, but much deeper sounding. Car ran fine...