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  1. Performance with 18s?

    Suspension Forum
    So I know the norm is to toss on some sweet 20s and lower the car, toss on some better sway bars, etc. But I am curious if anyone here has done the suspension mods prior to tossing on low profile tires and larger wheels...or maybe you decided not to upgrade the wheels after all. Normally, I...
  2. Gauges

    Interior Styling
    I am interested in adding some gauges to my Magnum (oil temp, tach, water temp) I have heard about GlowShift Gauges, but I didnt know if anyone had anything good to say about them? I will be adding a SC Kit to the car in a while, and these seem to be fairly easily interchangeable (so i can...
  3. Goin' Custom and I want YOUR opinions and ideas!

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hey I just bought a 2005 Dodge Magnum SXT AWD, always been a huge magnum fan and am now a proud owner. Let me cut straight to it, I want my car to be considered a solid custom, and car that serves functionally and is super cool. 1st, heres what I've done so far, let me know what you think...
  4. somebody there does have r/t turbo?

    Performance Talk
    I'm looking to turbocharge my r/t but only could find kits thats cost almost the price of the car so i was wondering if some one can give me a tip on how to do safely and affordable way thank you...
  5. Throttle Body Spacer

    Performance Talk
    Hey- I was wondering if anyone with a 3.5 also has a throttle Body spacer. I've installed one in another vehicle and I like the way it sounds, + the little umph! I just installed a K&N CAI, and was thinking of getting a spacer as well. I am also thinking of getting the Predator- 1. Do you...
  6. New Magnum Owner & What's the best CAI for a 3.5 Magnum?

    Performance Talk
    Hi, I'm new to Custom Magnums. I'm running a Black 2006 AWD Magnum. There's a lot out there with CAI's. K&N seems to be the "popular" brand. I noticed a great deal of you guys in Custom Magnums use K&N. K&N's run $300+; is there a less expensive option. Does any use the Mopar Intakes...
  7. V6 Performance, Cams, TBs, Dyno, PICS / VIDEO

    Performance Talk
    V6 Performance Parts: Write Up with Photos and Video Parts to be discussed include: Inertia Motorsports V1.1 Camshafts w/ lash caps CNC Ported/Polished 74mm Throttle Body (BilletTech and I - Joint Venture) Ported/Polished "Gasket Matched" Lower Intake Manifold Disclaimer: I do not claim to...
  8. New V6 Video: Inertia Cams, 74mm Ported TB, Ported Manifold

    Performance Talk
    I recorded a new video of my 2005 Magnum SXT with the Inertia V1.1 Camshafts, Ported & polished manifold, ported & polished 74mm throttle body and custom tuned by Mike Lafrad. Bolt-ons include AirHammer HO intake, Blastin Bobs 10db kit (replaced suitcase w/ dynomax muffler), and airflow mods.
  9. Nitrous Question...

    Performance Talk
    So its been a whiiiile since i said anything on here, but hey why not start it back up with another question... I got a 5.7 with diablo, afe intake and borla performance exhaust...i was wondering how much of a nitrous shot/spray i could throw in and still be one wants to blow up...