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  1. Bored!!!!!!!

    General Magnum Discussion
    Heyyooo, so i got the day off tomorrow, and ill be quite bored. I am a photographer, and im decent at photoshop to say the least. If anybody has some photos that they look that they think might look a bit bitter with some editing i could always use some more practice send them my way, and id...
  2. Free Magnum Photoshoot

    Meets and Greets
    It seems as though i am the only member from Atlantic Canada. If anybody out there was looking for some professional photos of their car id be willing to help them out. I've never met another Magnum owner, so hit me up if you need a hand. I live in New Brunswick Canada......
  3. June Photo Contest: Odd Couple!

    Website News and Announcements
    June Theme: "Odd Couple" Congratulations to bookeem for winning the last photo contest and choosing this months theme. Show us your favorite photograph of your Magnum to fit the theme "Odd Couple." This could include odd locations, odd photoshoot style or subject, or anything extremely out...
  4. February Photo Contest: Up Close and Personal

    Website News and Announcements
    February Theme: "Up Close and Personal" Last months photo contest was canceled due to lack of participation so we are starting fresh this month with a new theme. So put your camera in macro mode or swap lenses and go out and get up close and personal with your Magnum! There are no excuses...