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  1. Champion Platinum Spark Plugs

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    If you read my track record, I changed my plugs last night since I didn't know if the PO did the 60k work. It turns out they did. I have a set of 16 plugs, they all look great. Since I just put new ones in...I am throwing these ones out. I have 65k on the car, so they are still pretty new...
  2. Stuck spark plug boot solution

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    I changed the plugs on my 2007 R/T 5.7 liter; it has 38K miles. I decided on the Champion 5750 double platinum; downside is that they are $4 each instead of $1.50 for the copper 750, but I figure they will last 100K miles. The electrodes and ground straps on the old plugs looked pretty good...