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ported throttle body

  1. New Video-V6 Performance

    Performance Talk
    At the request of a few members here and on LXforums I shot a new video so I have some comparison for when I install the CNC ported heads. Performance mods in this video: Inertia V1.1 Cams Ported/Polished Manifold Ported/Polished Throttle Body JBA ceramic coated headers Jet-hot Ceramic coated...
  2. 3.5L OBX-R Shorty Headers, Pics/Video

    Performance Talk
    OBX-R Headers Write-Up, Photos and Video So I've been searching for an alternative to the JBA shorties for a long while. I've never been satisfied with their build quality or finish. I emailed every major headers company I could find without any luck (including OBX). I was either told it...
  3. Lets Barter!

    Vendor Deals
    So all of us are low on mod money right now so why not trade parts or services!? If this thread ends up being a hit I'll make it a sticky so it can serve its purpose to viewers present and future! I'll start off by offering what I have: Ported Throttle Bodies (2.7L or 3.5L) and Ported Lower...
  4. V6 Performance, Cams, TBs, Dyno, PICS / VIDEO

    Performance Talk
    V6 Performance Parts: Write Up with Photos and Video Parts to be discussed include: Inertia Motorsports V1.1 Camshafts w/ lash caps CNC Ported/Polished 74mm Throttle Body (BilletTech and I - Joint Venture) Ported/Polished "Gasket Matched" Lower Intake Manifold Disclaimer: I do not claim to...
  5. Dyno testing and V6 Throttle Bodies at UMS tuning

    Performance Talk
    Hey AZ crew, I will be at UMS tuning this TUESDAY at 10AM for dyno testing the CNC V6 throttle body I've been working on. Anyone that would like to hangout and see the results first hand is welcome to drop by. UMS is one hell of a facility and for anyone that can make it down I recommend it...