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  1. 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT parts (fit 2005-2007)

    General Magnum Discussion
    1 got factory exhaust Location: garden grove california 100$ (not included when sold magnum) 2 replacement led headlights anzo never installed still in amazon box...I paid 240/170, they are mint. take around half that front...
  2. Predator U7135

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    Includes serial to USB cable and power adapter. All original packaging. Unmarried. $200.00
  3. Predator for 5.7L Hemi

    Want to buy
    If you have a Predator you are no longer using or want to get rid of, please PM me your price. Thank you
  4. Octane and the Predator?

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hello, I'm doing research on which model of Mag I want to purchase between the 5.7 R/T and the SRT8. I'd LOVE to do the SRT8, but here in So cal, super premium gas sure does sting... I've seen in other posts that the Predator has distinct settings for octane. Can I use it to safely run 89...
  5. NoESP, 180 t-stat, Predator 91tune = Gettin LOOOSE!

    Performance Talk
    WOW! Sham f'in WOW! Thanks to all who recommended I use my mod $ for the predator instead of a new tire for the 24's (fireman leading the charge). Already had the NoESP mod, that coupled with the 180 t-stat and the 91 tune really turned my Mag loose. I was already spinning the rears with the...
  6. Agghhhhhhh!

    Performance Talk
    Just my luck, took off air silencer today, threw in 180 T-stat, went to update my diablo and the damn CROM won't upload, leaving me with an application-less Predator. Checked the Diablo forum, it's a known issue, but they have to send me a file to make it work. Posted on the forum and sent the...
  7. A Good Week for Mods

    Performance Talk
    Ya boy is stepping his game up! Should be a good week. 77070010 Mopar Performance Replacement Cold Air Intake Filter 77070010 STATUS: 1 $41.18 $41.18 306-416-180 Razors Edge 180 Low Temp Thermostat STATUS: 1 $22.44 $22.44 U7778 DiabloSport Pc Interface Kit STATUS: 1 $49.99 $49.99
  8. Diablosport predator experience

    Performance Talk
    Hi guys im fairly new to the LX scene since i got my Magnum RT 3 months ago, being a mopar fan since a few years i jumped into the mods and now i just got onto the diablosport predator, many people are complaining about the 93 oct CAI performance tune that comes with the predator...heres my...
  9. FS: DiabloSport Predator Tuner - V6 - Model U7136

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    SOLD!!!!!!!!!! I Accept Paypal (no Credit Card), Money orders and Certified Cheques. Selling my Diablosport Predator Tuner for V6 engines. USED ONCE!!!!!!!! SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY Contact me with your address for a shipping quote! DiabloSport Predator Tuner (U7136) - SOLD This model (U7136)...
  10. Predator Questions

    Performance Talk
    So, as you know, I installed a predator last week... so far I love it! But have a couple questions: It seems that it has turned off my ESP. The dash light is off suggesting that ESP is on, but DAYUM I can burn the tires without even thinking about it!! And I really don't want to fork out a...
  11. Christmas help!! Diablo upgrade plus flowmaster exhaust on R/T 5.7 22" rims

    Introduce Yourself
    Ok, I bought my Magnum and it already was pimped out. Luckily.. it has 22" rims plus flowmaster exhaust. It sounds mean. I put a system into it with 1000 watt amp. I just got the Diablo U1735 for Christmas from g/f. **I need Diablo tune or advice. I have no idea what I am doing here or...