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  1. Where do you buy your rear wiper blades from?

    North East
    The rear wiper blades for me '08 Magnum R/T aren't the cheapest which isn't a big deal if they were to last but they don't. I've been buying from a local dealership because it seems like I need the entire assembly (dealership only offers the arm and wiper blade). Also the arm appears to have a...
  2. In The Market for a New Hood (05 Mag R/T)

    Exterior Styling
    I'm in the market for a new hood, there are so many options to pick from. What makes it even harder is deciding what brand and style to get, I see reviews and it seems that fiberglass hoods have a lot of issues, it also looks like carbon fiber hoods are kinda pricey. I want to get an SRT8...