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radar detector

  1. key-on power source overhead for radar detector?

    General Magnum Discussion
    picked up a radar detector and they recommend mounting behind mirror and tapping into power from mirror... which i don't have. the overhead console lights are there, but those are constant power. any suggestions? any tricks to getting up in headliner area? i feel a hole/tab above mirror, but...
  2. Valentine V1 Radar in dash install.

    Interior Styling
    I got the V1 a few months ago... I thought it's time to hardwire it and install the extra display in the dash. Originally I want it to hide the display in the rear view mirror, but at night the cops can see it... Here is the system. It's hiding in the headliner... I had to cut out a piece...
  3. My Radar Detector Installation in the Overhead Console Space

    General Magnum Discussion
    Installing a Radar Detector In Dodge Magnum Overhead Console. Parts: Escort Redline Radar Detector Escort SC55 GPS Receiver Escort Cigarette Lighter Power Plug with Cord Several feet of 4 conductor zipwire from Radio Shaft Electrical Tape Tie Wraps Acrylic Plastic Sheet from Home Depot...
  4. Radar Detector in Overhead Console?

    General Magnum Discussion
    I've got a 2007 Magnum R/T. Anyone ever put a radar detector fit inside the overhead console (where the 2 lights & garage door opener is located)? I don't have OnStar (no buttons for it on the rear view mirror), so maybe that frees up some space in the overhead? Thinking of the Escort...