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    I have a 2006 Magnum R/T RWD, but don't know what radiator to get. There are too many options on Rock Auto, depending on optional packages. Does anyone have access to the Dodge database? The car has two fans, and the most expensive radiator calls that out. Do they all have two fans...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    Got a 05 5.7 hemi. Coolant keeps boiling out of bottle. Car doesn't seem to be running hot. Bc engine is not hot and needle is right in the middle. Heat doesnt work. Changed coolant temp semsor & thermostat that didnt fix it. Left cap off to try to bleed system of air thinking that might be...
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    YYI dont want to sound dumb or anything but where is the radiator bleed valve. I need diagrams or specifics please. Im learning as i go. Thanks
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    I have an '06 - R/T RWD . Recently it started to overheat. I checked under the hood & the reservoir was empty. So while still hot, I slowly open up the radiator cap, I the fluid fills back in. I changed the T-Stat (was told that it might get stuck, & that it opens up when I relieve the pressure)...